Friday, 19 April 2013

Ok, here we go

Right then, a blog entry, here we go...any second now...on the count of three..1,2...Alright I confess writing a blog is not something I have ever done before, I've written essays, assignments, status updates, emails and tweets but never a blog. I suppose it was only a matter of time, I work in digital after all.

So what's this all about I hear you scream with increasing boredom, well. here's the thing I love being outdoors, i'm obsessed with it, sitting here now writing the blog that no one will ever read is driving me crazy already if it wasn't night time and I wasn't sitting here in my PJs this would never happen, my 'fear of missing out' (FOMO) would take over and i'd be off doing something fun outside. Maybe a walk on the beach or a cheeky surf or bike ride or.. you get the idea I hate being indoors. Now I happen to think this is a good thing, and luckily so does my wife, yes she moans that we have 3 blown light bulbs and a load of doors that need touching up, but in general she agrees.

In 2010 my first daughter Rosie was born, she's getting on for two and a half now and like me spends most of her free time (I guess that means non nursery or time at toddler classes) outdoors. We are fortunate to live near the beach and over the road from riverside fields so there is always opportunity for her to get out and about with her Daddy and she loves it! We go for a morning dog walk, and an evening dog walk and everything in-between is spent doing fun or educational outdoor things, and maybe the odd peppa pig episode.

In December last year my second little girl Phoebe popped out. She is a non-stop smiling poop machine and her sister Rosie is besotted with her. Since Phoebe came along the months have been pretty cold and getting outside has been a chilling experience but thank god things look to be warming up and hopefully we can finally say goodbye to this never ending winter (he says writing in-front of the log burner in mid-April).

Anyway, Phoebe's arrival has really made my family complete it's lovely that there's four of us now (five if you count my dog with learning difficulties). We have already had some wonderful weekend's and weeks away and it's becoming apparent that this really is a time to cherish. That said with a high maintenance baby in the house my role in taking Rosie out has never been so active, and whilst I can't wait to include Phoebe too I am trying to make the most of it with just the two of us, and that's where the idea for this blog came about.

Firstly it will act as a diary or record of the things we have been up to and secondly hopefully it will be interesting for other parents out there looking for ideas or inspiration to get out and have fun with your kids.

So here are some of the things i'm planning to blog about over the coming days, weeks and months:

Winter / spring re-cap: we have done so much this winter, from hurtling down snow covered hills, to feeding ducks and building veggie patches we have done it so i'm going to do write a belated post about it.

Bike adventures: checking out wildlife and great views

Beach fun: Collecting shells, building over-sized sand castles and chasing waves

Growing stuff: Rosie is mad about plants, flowers, vegetables and anything that grows.

Building a playground: We have big plans for the garden, and it's going to be awesome

Theme parks: ok this is partly driven by my season pass to Peppa Pig World but why not?

So hopefully some interesting stuff to be seen, which will be kicking off in the next few days so if you somehow managed to find this, please keep posted,

That's all for now. Oh apart from this quick snap of a recent duck encounter at Centre Parcs, upside down duck dive, hilarious!

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